Ian Mann reviews the John Martin Quartet at Dempsey’s, Cardiff

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Last night we concluded our UK tour of “Dawning” at Demspey’s in Cardiff. It’s been a fantastic few weeks of music making and we’ve had some great audiences along the way; thanks to everybody who made it out to see us. If you did miss it, here’s a review of last night’s gig by Ian Mann. Until next time, adios! …

“Martin’s tunes are distinguished by his love of melody and have the knack of immediately engaging the listener’s attention. There’s an underlying lyricism to much of his music but simultaneously enough compositional rigour to keep things consistently interesting. It’s an approach that has almost certainly won the quartet a lot of new friends, firstly via the album and now through the quality of their live performances. At Cardiff Martin (tenor and soprano saxophones), Jonjo Grisdale (piano), Tim Fairhall (double bass) and Andy Ball (drums) played with the assurance of seasoned professionals, their confidence doubtless buoyed by the success of the album and tour. This was music that sounded thoroughly played in…”

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