London Jazz Review Emma Smith at Boisdale’s Canary Wharf

From News

“One day, it shouldn’t be long, maybe only be three to five years from now, Emma Smith will ( I dream, I hope, I wish…) be singing in supper clubs to audiences which will appreciate her, and her singing. Diners in the Oak Room at the Algonquin in New York, in the Regatta Bar of the Charles Hotel in Boston, in Yoshi’s in Oakland, in Demetriou’s Jazz Alley in Seattle… will recognize, understand and like what they hear, and will greet her with loud applause.

Because Emma Smith has the heritage, and is developing the skills to ascend to these temples of the art, and to conquer them. American audiences will hear a singer who has absorbed Billie, Ella, Ernestine Anderson, looks the part, carries the phrase, inhabits the song and communicates it to the manner born…”

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