The “takadi” fill

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Takadi - Essential FillsIn the first of this new series of “1-Beat Wonders” I will begin with what I call the “takadi” fill. I normally introduce students to the concept of “fill-ins” by providing a few one-beat rhythms to play at the end of a measure and then voicing it in different ways around the kit. In my opinion a “fill-in” is really just a breath or a comment to punctuate or end a musical phrase.

Often beginner drummers (and advanced drummers for that matter!) play too many notes and turn their fills into a solo, when really a fill is a chance for us to simply have a conversation with the rest of the band. “Hey, I hear you…”, or “let’s go”. This can add excitement, or simply let the listener know where we are in a song; leading into the chorus or the bridge for example… And there is a lot a drummer can say in just one beat!

The “takadi” is a fill used countless times on countless recordings and is a rhythm all drummers should have down from the very outset. In my opinion it should be your first “go to” fill, and it’s a fundamental part of modern drumming vocabulary so learn it, loop it and have fun with it.

I have included an Essentials Fills sheet giving exercises on extending the phrase length before the fill to 2-, 4- and 8- bars, and a sheet showing what this looks like on some common basic grooves such as “Billie Jean”, “You Shook Me All Night Long” and “Another One Bites The Dust”… Let me know how you get on!

Takadi – Essential Fills
Takadi 2-, 4-, 8-bars – Essential Fills
Takadi on… – Essential Fills