The “takadimi” fill

From Drumadiddle

Takadimi - Essential Fills_000001The second instalment of this Essential Fills series on 1-Beat Wonders looks at what I call the “takadimi” fill. In the previous lesson I introduced the “takadi” fill and showed you some basic voicings. The “takadimi” adds just one more note to the fill, the “mi”, which is the fourth 16th-note of the beat. This is to be played RLRL to begin with (or the opposite if you play left-handed).

There are obviously many similarities between the “takadi” and the “takadimi” fill, however this fill is much more difficult to voice as you have to be careful to avoid the hands crossing over each other in an awkward way. I’ve made a note of some basic voicings that work, but also try out some of your own and write down or make a mental note of which ones work best.

Again, once you can play the fill easily every bar try playing the same fill every 2-, 4- and 8-bars. Then try playing it on some different grooves.

Have fun with it, and see you next time for the next 1-beat Wonder.

Takadimi – Essential Fills