Wade In The Water

From Beat Sheets

Wade In The Water (R.Lewis) - Transcription_000001The final lesson from this months Artist Spotlight series on drummer Maurice White looks at his playing with the popular jazz artist Ramsey Lewis on the hit “Wade In The Water”. 

Recorded one year later and on the same record label as Part 3’s “Rescue Me”, “Wade In The Water” shows White in a jazz context with piano trio … Read More

The “takadimi” fill

From Drumadiddle

Takadimi - Essential Fills_000001The second instalment of this Essential Fills series on 1-Beat Wonders looks at what I call the “takadimi” fill. In the previous lesson I introduced the “takadi” fill and showed you some basic voicings. The “takadimi” adds just one more note to the fill, the “mi”, which is the fourth 16th-note of the beat. This is to be played RLRL … Read More

Rescue Me

From Drum Charts

Rescue Me - TranscriptionParts 1 and 2 of this months Artist Spotlight series on Maurice White focused on his drumming with the band Earth, Wind & Fire (see “Can’t Hide Love” and “Sing A Song”). In this third instalment I will look at his playing from earlier in his career as session drummer for Chess records. Here he played on many hit … Read More

Sing A Song

From Drum Charts

Sing A Song - Drum Chart_000001

Earlier this week I began an Artist Spotlight series on Earth, Wind & Fire front man Maurice White by looking at his drumming on the song “Can’t Hide Love”. Today I will be focusing on his playing on one of my all time favourite recordings “Sing A Song” from the same 1975 album Gratitude.

Composed by White … Read More