This Motown classic is considered one of the Jackson 5’s signature songs and remained #1 on the US soul chart for eight weeks. It was recorded in December 1969 at the Sound Factory, Los Angeles, by a team of studio musicians associated with the famous “Funk Brothers”.

The track features the drummer Gene Pello. Although not a “Funk Brothers” regular, he is found on many Motown recordings including songs by the Monkees, Smokey Robinson and Diana Ross.

On a drumming note, check out the use of “off beat” eighth notes and sixteenth notes throughout the piece, including in the introductory motif that is repeated a number of times and in the tricky syncopated kick drum pattern.

Also watch out for the sneaky 3/4 bars at the end of the choruses. However, most difficult is the syncopated bell pattern in the Latin break down section. Believe me, this will take some practicing.