Drum-a-did-dle is an online resource portfolio for drum enthusiast and teachers looking to access quality sheet music and worksheets FREE of charge. We see it as a cookbook for drummers to dip into for new recipes, ideas and inspiration.


We believe that all music students should have access to quality teaching materials without the restrictions of cost and location. In the internet age we have the opportunity to share our knowledge and experience with the wider community of learners free of charge and directly into their homes.


Each month we will add a selection of sheet music, transcriptions and exercises with a “walk through” lesson offering an explanation of how to practice and incorporate the ideas into your playing. Over time we will be adding video tutorials to further demonstrate examples and offer a performance of each piece.

Be sure to keep checking back for new content and add a comment letting us know what you like and your latest drumming news. If you have any burning questions or a specific piece you would like added to the portfolio please get in touch.



Each piece has been categorised to make accessing the appropriate materials for your ability easy. Here’s how we’ve divided them up:

Level 1: The Novice

For drummers just starting out and looking to build a solid technical and stylistic foundation for their playing.

Level 2: The Intermediate

For drummers confident in all the key basic skills at the drum kit and stepping up to more advanced skills and stylistic expression.

Level 3: The Advanced

For drummers proficient at their craft and eager to explore more challenging repertoire to increase musical awareness and confidence.

Level 4: The Connoisseur 

For expert drummers looking for new musical ideas and concepts to inspire individual creativity and artistic expression.